Find out about our flavorful corn pasta & rice pizza crust alternatives as well as tasty sandwiches & appetizers!

Local Pizza Meets Craft Beer

A match made in heaven! Check out our new selection of local brews from Flat12, People's, Sun King Brewery, Upland and more.

Your choice of a meat or veggie topped slice, a fresh garden salad and a medium drink - only $7.25

Puccini's Catering

An easy, tasty choice for your gatherings and parties. Just let us know what you’re planning and how many mouths you're feeding & we’ll do the rest! 


We feel that when you eat at one of our Indianapolis, Lexington, Bloomington, Louisville, Columbus or West Lafayette restaurants, each of your teeth should individually be happier than they have ever been before.

Your over-worked, over-taxed, under-appreciated teeth deserve their own little smile. And, indeed, you shall have it here.

That is our singular mission, no -

Clcik here for details!